• Run your 1st 5k.

  • Run your 1st 10k.

  • Run your 1st Speed Workout on the track.

  • Break the Cycle of Injury and Overtraining.

  • Increase Aerobic Stamina, Endurance, Strength and Speed.

  • Increase Lactate Threshold, Anaerobic Threshold, Anaerobic Capacity and VO2 Max.

  • Excitement and Motivation with your own Personalized Training Workouts.

  • PR in your Chosen Distance.

  • Run your 1st Half-Marathon.

  • Run your 1st  Marathon.

  • Run the Boston Marathon.

  • Merge Performance Nutrition into Your Own Personalized P Training Plan.

  • Compete in your 1st Duathlon.

  • Lose unwanted weight.

Some of the Goals that Runners like You, have Set and Accomplished with their own
Personalized P Training Plan, under the guidance of Coach Bob:
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Personal Running Coaching isn't just for Elite Runners anymore. It’s for Runners of all
levels who want to improve their Running, Injury Prevention, Performance Nutrition and
Overall Health and Fitness Level. Runners like yourself can benefit from  having
Your Own
Personal Running Coach
and a Personalized P Training Plan.

Whether a beginner or experienced Runner looking to set a new PR; Coach Bob can help
you reach your goals while having  fun and working around the rest of your life!
Coach Bob's
passion is teaching, motivating and sharing his knowledge and love of Running,Training and
Racing with You!

  • Are You a Beginner and not sure How or Where to Start?
  • How Much, How Fast, How Often or What Type of Running workouts You should
    be doing?
  • Tired of generic/cookie cutter programs that Injure You or leave You Stranded?
  • Finding it harder to get Motivated with Your Training workouts?
  • Strength (weight-lifting) Work & Cross Training part of Your Training Plan?
  • Struggling to Increase Your Endurance and Speed?
  • Your times not Improving?

Are You Confused by Training or Regularly
Injured... Unsure of what to do next?
Here's what other Runners like You, think about Coach Bob's  P Running Training Plans:
P Online Personal Running Coaching
Personalized P
Training Plans
I hear from a lot of runners who are "unsure of what to do next" and are going through similar struggles. Does this sound like You? No matter if
You're training for a 5k, 10k, Boston Marathon, your first Duathlon or the Powerman Duathlon,
Coach Bob will make sure you're doing the right
workouts and the right mileage to help You reach your goals.

Recognizing and understanding the right balance of
Endurance, Strength, Power and Speed can be difficult, but is necessary if you want to
enjoy Training with Confidence, Running Injury-Free and reaching Your Goals.
My girlfriend and myself have never used a running
coach before, but after speaking with Coach Bob, we
both knew that choosing him as our running coach was a
good decision. He is knowledgeable and so passionate
about running and racing. Our workouts are always fresh
and both of us are consistently presented with new and
challenging workouts.  Our 10k times are getting faster
and faster! Coach Bob is extremely supportive and has
helped our running stay strong and injury free. Thanks
Billy & Suzie, Portland, OR
Pates Running and Racing (P) is 100% Scientific-Based Running Coaching designed to
eliminate the stress of worrying about your Training! Am I Running the right workout?
Is this Run too long, too short? What about Speed Work? Should I be Training more or less?
Your Personal Coach, Coach Bob will help You with any and all issues!
"Train with Confidence,
Run Injury-Free & Race Faster!"
  • A complete 12-20 wk. P Personalized Running Training Plan from start to finish
   (no more going alone).  

  • Workouts to Increase your Aerobic Endurance, Lactate Threshold, Anaerobic Threshold,
    Anaerobic Capacity and VO2 Max.      

  • Focused Recovery, Injury Prevention, Warm-up Routines and Strength Training Exercises.

  • Performance Nutrition to Maximize Training and Performance App.

  • And Much More...
Some of the BENEFITS Your Personalized P Running Training Plan will Include:
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My running coaching plan has given me the training
and confidence needed to break 15 min in the 5k. I
ran a 14:46 and set a new PR for my first race under
Coach Bob! My time was bettered by 19 sec on my
pace per mile from the previous race. I'm so excited
and can't wait to start training for the next race.
You're  awesome! Thanks Coach Bob!
Ed, Nashville, TN
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