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All Strength Training Programs are in 12-wk scientifically designed & tested time-frame blocks.  Your Program is Designed
for Maximum Results. For a 12-wk. Program Progression Explanation for each week of your 12-wk workout for maximum
results, please see
 Periodization Program Explanation.

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(12-wk Customized Strength Training & Cardio 2018 Program)
  • Please Purchase Your 12-wk. Customized Strength Training & Cardio Workout Program.

  • Please Complete the 1RM Test. Upon learning of your one-lift capacities, Coach Bob can design your 12-Wk.
    Customized Personal Fitness Strength & Cardio Training Program. Please note that the 1RM Test is a very easy
    test to perform. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions as provided by the Link: 1RM Test Link. Also, if you
    have any issues with your 1RM Test, we'll discuss them during our phone call! If need, you can wait on completing
    the 1 RM until our initial phone call. I'll explain in easy to understand detail.

  • Within 24hrs., Coach Bob will Contact You and we'll discuss any issues or concerns that I may have as well as
    any of your questions or concerns. Also, if you have any issues with your 1RM Test, we'll discuss them during our
    phone call!

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